Sunday, March 8, 2015

My Friends

With friends that love me, 
with hearts that are true,
with joy plain to see,
and hugs through and through.
With safety of caring arms,
with smiles from above,
I am truly blessed now,
and can sleep with the sound.
You ask who they are,
these friends that I speak,
I tell you the best,
beyond money's to keep.
They move me to tears,
but not from sad thoughts,
they're souls that I'll cherish,
for all eternity bought.
Yes friends are forever,
It's no silleh thought,
so stop and consider,
any dumb foolish plots.
Before you offend them,
before you dismay,
Come join us and smile,
for friends RULE THE DAY!!

- Trish 2015

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Friend

Today the day that is all yours
To have, to love, and fun galore
May each moment sing your praise
for this the day we all must raise
Our voices one and all in song
That catchy tune and little rhyme
May each moment bring you peace
Joy not sorrow; smiles that last
For one more year of you has passed
and each day you grow stronger too
a friend of mine and always true
Happy Birthday Shane and
Hugs to YOU!

- Trish 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

Why are you a writer?

I am a writer because there is a story to be told.
I am a writer because there are lonely hearts that need comfort.
I am a writer because ideas cannot be broken by abuse.
I am a writer because the tears of my effort set my soul free.
I am a writer because the weak have no voice.
I am a writer because long after the hate of the world dies the story of love will still be told.
I am a writer because a simple word can stir the mighty heart, can bend the will of iron, can ease the pain of hurt, and touch the heart of God.
I AM A WRITER and long after I am dead my story will still be!

- Trish 2014
(a writer's confession)