Friday, February 18, 2011

An open letter to my Dad

Would you even know me or I you? Would I find a tape of you someday and hear your voice speaking to me? You never wanted me but I have always wanted you. What have I done in my life to have you walk away and never know me?
If I could change, could go back, could never exist would it make one minute of your life different?
I may never know a thing about you but that does not change who I am and how much I really want to know you.
But it is okay, I have learned how to cope with being the person that people do not acknowledge. The one the proper people are ashamed of and so I think maybe, just maybe I am strong enough to know that you are too ashamed of me to tell the world you are my father.
I forgive you Dad but I do not know if I could ever look you in the eyes.

Your daughter,

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Can we just talk or should I go
Do you just hate me; was it all a lie
Can I know that truth or will you just run and hide
The vale of your smile has slowly faded in my mind
Your touch just a memory; a mist of emotion
Can I hide from the world till the pain goes away
Can we just talk or has the time for talking gone by.

-Trish 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Departing

It only hurts a little while
That pain so present but fading fast
It pours upon the floor in waves
but wrapped the cold engulfs me now
I am the eagle soaring high
to lift my wings and turn to fly
it's time I depart this place
for rest, no pain I know awaits.

-Trish 2011 

Moving On

And now confirmed suspicions be
the pain is great but meant for me
I walk upon the trembling sand
and know that cracks and craves doth steal
the warmth of love, the smile, and touching hand
no longer mine I turn to stand
and face the wind, walk further on
to distant lands where I am found. 

- Trish 2011

Why Me?

Why do I let you in my heart?
Why do I care so much?
Why is it that you trample, the only love I’ve got?
Why can you make me laugh out loud?
Why is it that you shine?
Why have I fall’n so deeply, for the one I think divine? 

- Trish 2011

My Confession

If I told you that you are beautiful, would you believe the depths of my honesty?
If I screamed to the world that you are amazing, 
would I just be another crashing cymbal in the music of your life? 
If I said how much you mean to me, would you understand my pain?
If I told you how lonely I am without you, would that change a minute of your day?
If I confess I've fallen in love with you, would you quiet my trembling heart?
If I asked you into my life, would you turn walk away?

- Trish 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Morning Dew

You are the precious flower
Clothed in the morning dew
You're bathed in radiant colors
Your fragile pedals show
I bask in joy and wonder
On a gift that God bestowed.
I dare not touch your beauty
I shan't chance to mar it's glow
For in my selfish grabbing
I might per chance destroy
And loose the love I know
And with it my heart would go.

Trish 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Wish

     I wish that I                        could somehow 
  tell you all the things that matter most to me 
   and yet you somehow stay aloof so difficult 
    to shatter the barrier that stands so strong
         around your tender  heart so forcing
             me to outer places where I should
               never be the one  you whisper
                  honestly your thoughts of
                           love so true yet 
                              still I wish.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Love and Pain

Why is it I should cause such pain, 
to others whom I love but bruise?
and why should others feel my strain,
of outcast life I somber choose?
If I the one their trials cause,
and bring the clouds and horrid rain,
then I should leave before I loose
my most loved friends and go insane.

- Trish 2011