Monday, December 30, 2013

Thoughts on the end

I could sit right here and wait for death,
or live my life with zeal and zest.
To wake each day with strong renew,
my will to make each moment new.
I love to live and live to love,
with each passing breath I make.
I wish to spend the end with all,
and chose this day to have a ball.
I want to know I've done my best,
Before at last I take my rest.
My prayer for you? I can repeat
You meet life head on and on your feet.
Live each day as if your last,
and then like me, you'll have a blast.

- Trish 2013

Sunday, December 29, 2013

For my sister

Her voice it rang like lightning
at last the hour was hers.
Her heart a flame not melting
was so full that it might burst.
He was the one that mattered
the one she so longed to have,
his boyish youth just fading
his manhood shinning past.
He was a perfect notion
his heart to her he'd shown
that though they be a parted
Each moment stole they'd own.
Fresh air was his beginning
clear fields is her domain
They'd love each other only
in grassy country main.
He was not easily faltered
his manhood all intact
Not even tear diminished
this gentle handsome man.
Her mind a race with wonder
their fears of what may be
The future plans ignited
with love beyond today.
With each passing moment
she tingled to her toes
Could this be the one
I've wanted all along?
I've searched for him forever
up mountain, past all foe
Her mind a pitter patter
Her life complete in tow
Now each passing moment
could be with him so near.
She wants to scream I LOVE HIM
and wants to hold him dear
Her dreams at last unfolded
with him it is so clear.
I can only say as I think of her today
I'm more happy than I realized
more thankful than can bare.

- Trish 2013

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The love of friends

My friends they are an offering
a gift from God poured out for me
They lift my chin from doubts again
and walk beside with faithful mends
I wonder often why I am
So lucky now much more than then
These people strong with hearts of gold
That He's brought forth to care and tend
How can one person drink it in?
and yet how can I live without
the tiny bits of love they spout
into my life I say again
I am the humbled, blessed, and on mend
I praise the saints and Holy one
for each one's life and love I've won.
Are precious more to me than gold
for this I say, now you've been told
Seek this kindness whilst growing old
and you my friend will know love bold.

- Trish 2013

Friday, December 27, 2013


My friend hope sits upon the shelf
and glances down upon my bed
He's there and then he's gone again
Why tease me so, why this chagrin?
One day here to fill my heart,
the next day gone my dreams apart.
I wake each morn to wonder if
he'll be there twinkling full of myth
Those days with which I have the chance
to spend each moment like a dance
Where heart's alive and spirit chants
But next all dashed hope's gone at last
What news I beckon the happenstance
Do I but have a slight reprieve?
Or will like martyr dance then die?
What news, what news come speak appease.
But day leads on to night and then
He's gone, my heart all torn no mend.
Till the day I hear at last
He's here to stay, yes hope at last!
And warmth it flows, I have a chance.
Why dine with Hope, why give a care?
For this small glimmer, my heart holds dare.

-  Trish 2013

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The chair by the window

The leaves they blew like furls of curling bees
A chair stands cold and lonely against the grasp of sea.
It waits with upward arms, its love for you to see.
For moments pass to hours but soft its pillows shown
To touch and hold its owner when day's long strife is done
The window looks upon it and sings a little tune
For partners in the moment, they pass the time in muse.
Then light turns into scarlet withdrawn without a pun,
A weary, troubled body comes back when work has gone.
To watch from certain vantage while waves they dance as one.
The chair it smiles and holds her, renewed with purpose fun
For this the moment surely, her maker's work was done.

- Trish 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The bird

On the meadow of the morrow
I met a bird of glassy hollow
It flew and dipped with classy tone
Then blew a kiss that landed home.

I watched as if transfixed somehow
The beauty flowed in unbounded hours
She praised creation as if to say
the one that made me didn't stray.

No bone nor sinew amiss or frayed
His love that made is not dismayed
Each hour and minute untold before
but come unbid in time and more.

With gentle love joyful spirit tune
though time is past and body strewn
Wracked with the passing damage new
But pain and effort passes too.

I looked the bird was looking too
but as I looked I realized, knew
I was the bird that flew and grew
beyond the clouds, beyond life too.

I soared and left this earthly muse
and danced on endless time for you
I lived forever, unchanged and new
For the love I left you unending too.

-  Trish 2013

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Love to me

You ask of me what love is while sitting idly be?
It is the gentle smile of a baby on my knee.
The tender grasp of aged as they sit beneath a tree.
The subtle knowing truth that He is all for me.
It's the winged determination for honey of the bee.
A touch of fresh new blankets a soft as they can be.
Tears that flow on parting goodbyes to those not seen.
The inter peace that floweth as you hold me in my need.
It is the joy in surely knowing that I'm poured out for thee
and in the end love keeps growing as surely as can be.
through sickness, joy, and sorrow together stand and be
for each one together solemn will give with joyful glee
and one day look with gladness at all that love can be.
So you ask me what love is that I should want and heed?
It is my all I giveth and your all  I take indeed.

- Trish 2013