Thursday, August 15, 2013

The martyrs

On shattered now the palms of them
that fight for anger, tears of hate
why cast a life in bitter waste
why condemn them now to this fate

They march or fight they burn and plight
why ever so the damage done
can simple words your deeds undo
the sin swamped no price atone

Their faces with the pain of death
the anger gone, their wrath abate
why cast you down upon this tome
the names that you annihilate

As if by some hand swept clean
your guilt, their blood, the ground abates
why cast your lot in such a way
why murder, plot, and steal away

The lives of those just so full of pain
when one man clashes steel to vain
and this world dies a little fate
for shattered now on palms of them.

- Trish 2013

Arleen @ 5Guys

It sat there on the table fine
My tummy rumbles and starts to whine
I have you now my 5Guys treat
Nice and hot, with twice stacked meat
I've paid my price, they served it hot
Can I have my cake but eat it not?
My night I'll spend with joyful thoughts
tomorrow? Heck! I care not
the cheese now oozes down the side
With each bite the grease does surely slide
Can I eat it all? Shall belly hide?
Meh probably, then  I'll chase with fries.

- Trish 2013

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The bee

Once again I pound the air
wings aloft, no breeze to bare
Zip zip zip I go
Buzz a flower, chair, her toe.
Free I roam no worries in tow
Sweet nectar is what I must know
Bang, oops, not that, which way to go?
I bounce and fly legs full like snow
I must but onward bumbling go
The task, the honey, must make it now
Bumble, zip, zip and then just down
Oh wow,  a pink one there below
Ploop, oops too hard I thought but no
I'm on it now to gather go.
Then up away the hive I seek
'Orr fence and dog and roof top's peaks.
The hive I must now make it fast
For young must have their sweet repast
And others now I must inform
This patio its mildly warm
But full of lush and nectar's swarm
My job's not done
I'm homeward torn.

- Trish 2013