Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sleep now my love my love

Sleep now my golden child 
sleep now my gentle love
hear the hush of angel wings 
their tiny flutters just above
Sleep now my gentle one 
sleep now my love
with quiet tones of breath 
like slumber coo of doves.
Sleep now my silly one 
sleep my wondrous love
float through streams of dreams
where passions rule and sprout
Sleep now my heart felt song 
sleep now on wings of love
carry now to other side of night
may God lay you softly down.
Sleep now thus beats my heart
sleep with all my love
may warmth and comfort hold you now
and beauty be your crown
Sleep now and keep the dawn in sight
Sleep where loving arms surround
Sleep till morning light once more
renews like fire our love abound.

- Trish 2012