Saturday, April 26, 2014

I stumbled when I flew

I stumbled when I flew today.
I looked to see who saw me then,
But knew the audience was just Him.
I wondered how from lofty height
He lets me stumble, learn what's right.

For me, I blush and wonder why
He loves me 'nough to let me cry.
For life is full of joy you see
which goes beyond the tears I sigh.
I know my hurt is soon be fixed
He'll welcome me with hugs a mix.

But till that day, I'll stumble more
with each flight made and pride quite sore
I'm not the perfect, just forgiven,
Not so great this side of heaven.

I stumble more and smile inside.
For heavenward my Father sighs
and answers with a hearty smile
my needs that stack 10 times to high.

For joy you see is not mere laughs.
But learning contentment with my tasks.
For each one has her role to play.
Mine is right here, till this very day.
then stumble when I fly away.

- Trish 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Writer's Block

Upon the page I seek to prose
With pen to paper let emotions flow
Such lofty tones my thoughts take flight
What shall I write, what tones make right?

But paper stares right back at me
As if to ask, how silly be
I go to write but stop mid stride
You dare insult my simple pride?

I am the writer you're just my muse
Dear paper don't you try a ruse
Your tricks wont work I shan't be moved.
I'll write regardless of the news.

But then with awful shout I learn
Blank paper has great power spurn
To stop the writer dead in tracks
and send her packing ideas she lacks.

- Trish 2014