Friday, December 28, 2012

Broken holds

My love flows from broken holds
hearts strings brought tight with pain
I am the field that loves begone
With temper flare and heart of stone.

Can love find amidst distress
can heart once cold grow warm aglow?
Can stillness stay and beat to play
can love to me be come not stayed away?

Where are my tears why have they gone
My eyes dry bones in dire zone
I want for what I shall not have
My loves grown cold no sins atoned

In mist of this untimely death
here stood a heart but gone not home
My love it flows from broken holds
My heart grown cold, no room, alone...

- Trish 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012

Not here

That spot no longer holds you there
I reach but fingers fall on bare
The empty fills my heart with dread
your image in my heart, my head
You lying there, your out cast hair
That time no longer holds for me
A wisp, a puff, no more but care
A sound, a smell, I gasp and stare
but nothing is but tears I share
The music fades and silent shed
my thoughts, my fears, my longings here
The dust that settles cares not where
I shall lie here forever torn
My mind, with solemn duty sworn
Or'come my heart! my memory's worn
You are not here, I know, but dare
To keep you in my thoughts and prayers
as if you laughed once more with me
as if we danced again on air.

- Trish 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

New snow in morning light

Down, down it falls like halted time
upon the ground it lays sublime
The frost blanket downy new
It's face unblemished, restored, renewed.

I like this time in early wee
the sun not up, nor sleepers wake.
Upon this earthy cover trod
I make my mark where others not.

It is the first new marks of day
the ones that make the others stay
and realized that upon this path
One with warmth passed quickly by.

The crunch upon this fallen sod,
my feet make moved in rhythm broad
I am the one to mark this path
To make my way, to leave a trod.

Onto the morning's chilly air
my steps, my breath makes circling air.
I love this time, I'm all alone
like queen of earth and sky my tome.

I'm one to step, I'm one to share
with creature many yet hidden there.
It's morning in the wilderness,
I tarry not lest cold distress.

- Trish 2012

Sunday, November 4, 2012

To have or have not

You can have little,
Or you can have allot.
But without love,
You have not.

You can share little,
Or you share allot.
But without charity,
You're a huge selfish lot.

You can smile a little,
Or you can smile allot.
But without hope,
You're a perishing blot.

- Trish 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Decisions on my mind now play
go east, no west, on grass or clay?
I'm troubled on my new wrought quest
for my decisions are oft not best
I want, no wait, I'll wait, but want
I can't decide, ignore, they taunt
I'm troubled deep to fix my mind
on one true course for which I'll bind
my future set, I'll walk, no run
to uncertain times I go not shun
my fate is mine the only thing
I truly have, process, in kind
control it is a lie not true
it baits one in, but toys with you.

- Trish 2012

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Upon the pillow gently laying
dreams of love are quickly fading
arms about me softly swaying
this the morning approaches saying
you the two must stop your laying
thus the dawn breaks in and's staying
a new day breaks with solemn baying
sounds of home and me am praying
that this day holds fun and playing.

- Trish 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My love is gone

When my love is gone,
I frolic 'round the place.
Waiting for the moment,
when love abound can wake.
Her image is a memory,
she lingers in my thoughts,
her perfume fills my senses,
her name fills up my heart.
I lay upon her pillow,
and dream of loves content,
She simply is my heart, my soul, 
and all my loves extent.
When will she come to me,
with softness in her voice?
When will her arms surround me,
when will she be my choice?
I miss each waking moment,
spent in her luxury,
a heaven's gift upon me,
beyond my wildest dreams.
I want for nothing but her love,
her song within my heart.
When will my love return
and fill this empty spot?

- Trish 2012

Saturday, June 23, 2012

To you a poem

On banks of flowers sings our love
it taries not for doubt
It sails on wings of utter trust
and will not muffle out
Your touch like one so gentle soft
your breath my soft caress
You are the one my heart enfolds
with fondness all about
Our love it rests and plays a tune
the music all can hear.
Its sounds like one from heaven sent
such joy beyond all ruin.
To you I pledge my utter most
to you I cling so near
A bank of flowers is our love
without one sour note.

- Trish 2012

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The measure of a woman

What is the worth of her love
a measure of that girl?
It is beyond her beauty fare
or other parts she shares.
Her worth lies in the gentle song
that her sweet spirit plays,
and kindness shared you this day
when other's shuns are made.
Her touch is that of baby soft,
her smile from deep within.
This is the measure of her love!
Come here take heed young men!

 - Trish 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012

No reply

I could cry tears forever,
but tears do not heal.
I could scream for hours,
but pain has no ears.
I could run for miles,
but hurt would still be there.
Why? I ask in earnest,
but the walls have no reply.

- Trish 2012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sleep now my love my love

Sleep now my golden child 
sleep now my gentle love
hear the hush of angel wings 
their tiny flutters just above
Sleep now my gentle one 
sleep now my love
with quiet tones of breath 
like slumber coo of doves.
Sleep now my silly one 
sleep my wondrous love
float through streams of dreams
where passions rule and sprout
Sleep now my heart felt song 
sleep now on wings of love
carry now to other side of night
may God lay you softly down.
Sleep now thus beats my heart
sleep with all my love
may warmth and comfort hold you now
and beauty be your crown
Sleep now and keep the dawn in sight
Sleep where loving arms surround
Sleep till morning light once more
renews like fire our love abound.

- Trish 2012

Thursday, April 19, 2012

To live is an adventure

To live is an adventure
to breathe the joy of life
to feel sensations of juncture
to see the colors not rife
to touch the depths truth
to hear to gift of song so nice
to sense the things so tender
that I would do it twice.

-  Trish 2012

Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Angel

Your supple form so close and yet
your breath just slowly now in rest
The sound so muffled still it comes
some dream of fun and love abounds
the tiny snore that issues forth
a curl about your lips like jest
my fingers trace the lines of face.
Are you an angel here for me?
to touch my life to set me free?
I dare to look upon such grace
to feel the warmth such soft embrace
the sounds of life so far away
I curl beside and nod to pray
a tiny thanks to God above
for beauty, joy and such sweet love.

- Trish 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

The flame

Don't fly to close to flame
to care to much or love the same.
Don't fly to close to flame
for happiness withers and turns to pain.
Don't fly to close to flame
lest joy fail, tears fall entrain.
Don't fly to close to flame
for I am weak, a mortal frame.
Don't fly to close to flame
as such the tender moments wane...

- Trish 2012

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My heart is torn

My heart is torn upon the rocks
like pages of an empty book
as shards of glass upon the floor
the voices call within my head
shall I answer that siren call?
the fingers reach from hallowed ground
and pull me closer, closer down
my worlds spin with such remorse
can the pain but spare me the course
my voice speaks with wordless fight
my heart is torn upon the rocks.

- Trish 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012

To my sad love I stay

To be the one that sits beside
the one that's troubled, balled up inside
can be a place of love reside
though words not make many mountain slides

To be the one that holds the hand
not strike a note or snap a band
the one to witness sadness' brand
and speak the words so subtle bland

The one to simply be beside
not laugh, nor run, or even hide
but give oneself for the ride
and hear the words that one confides
is often best and lived with pride.

- Trish 2012

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wounded warriors

There comes a time when one must stand
to take up arms hand in hand
with others stand and mothers cry
to take the road less travelled by
to offer aid to fight the cause
to be the one while others run
for liberty, freedom, and native son

Are you the one that takes this charge
to fight with others standing large
Can you this mantle wear with pride
and say well done with banner raised
to wear the pain that hurts your side
while others live you hold the scars
you mention not nor look for praise.

You stand or sit among us now
your heart so heavy your burden large
with missing limb or eye or brow
you take your stand at home but how
how can you last this test of time
alone without your youth and prime
you are our best our pride and joy
we love you still I say in rhyme.

- Trish 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The eagles flight

Onward the rush of angels wings
to me the flush doth bring such joy
I'm free to taste the boundless heights
and fly where others dare not tread
I want for nothing but laugh and dance
for I'm the endless faceless clown
no paint, no need, not near the ground
where others tread I do not bound
to cliffs and clefts I onward go
I seek the never ending change
and flow of currents  seldom seen
I sail upon this gently now
and take a dip I make my bow.

- Trish 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Foot prints in the morning dew

Foot prints through the morning dew
The breath that billows forth like clouds of pillow fluff
The sound so silent breaking now
No echo to my beating heart
Where is the day why does it wait?
As if to tease my waiting soul
I laugh a bit to test the sound
Can this be bliss that covers now?
The grass it bends with no retort
The sun doth wake with one eye snort.
I love the time this gentle walk
from porch to yard and onward strut
May all my mornings be so crisp
and I the one left under spell
I make a brief but solemn wish
May this brief moment last.

- Trish 2012