Friday, December 28, 2012

Broken holds

My love flows from broken holds
hearts strings brought tight with pain
I am the field that loves begone
With temper flare and heart of stone.

Can love find amidst distress
can heart once cold grow warm aglow?
Can stillness stay and beat to play
can love to me be come not stayed away?

Where are my tears why have they gone
My eyes dry bones in dire zone
I want for what I shall not have
My loves grown cold no sins atoned

In mist of this untimely death
here stood a heart but gone not home
My love it flows from broken holds
My heart grown cold, no room, alone...

- Trish 2012

Friday, December 21, 2012

Not here

That spot no longer holds you there
I reach but fingers fall on bare
The empty fills my heart with dread
your image in my heart, my head
You lying there, your out cast hair
That time no longer holds for me
A wisp, a puff, no more but care
A sound, a smell, I gasp and stare
but nothing is but tears I share
The music fades and silent shed
my thoughts, my fears, my longings here
The dust that settles cares not where
I shall lie here forever torn
My mind, with solemn duty sworn
Or'come my heart! my memory's worn
You are not here, I know, but dare
To keep you in my thoughts and prayers
as if you laughed once more with me
as if we danced again on air.

- Trish 2012

Friday, December 14, 2012

New snow in morning light

Down, down it falls like halted time
upon the ground it lays sublime
The frost blanket downy new
It's face unblemished, restored, renewed.

I like this time in early wee
the sun not up, nor sleepers wake.
Upon this earthy cover trod
I make my mark where others not.

It is the first new marks of day
the ones that make the others stay
and realized that upon this path
One with warmth passed quickly by.

The crunch upon this fallen sod,
my feet make moved in rhythm broad
I am the one to mark this path
To make my way, to leave a trod.

Onto the morning's chilly air
my steps, my breath makes circling air.
I love this time, I'm all alone
like queen of earth and sky my tome.

I'm one to step, I'm one to share
with creature many yet hidden there.
It's morning in the wilderness,
I tarry not lest cold distress.

- Trish 2012