Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The innocence of youth

Those eyes, so young with brilliance ton darting to and fro with total fun
she steals a look then takes a run, a sight I'm sure, I am undone,
no hair, a cap and sitting there, the wonder fills hers eyes no clues.
she isn't sure she yields the bet and sneaks a little closer yet.
But slowly up from over book, those eyes appear, her head a crook,
"Where is your hair?" she asks and then, "giggles quick, and ducks again.
"Did someone steal it, take it away?" her mind a reel with questions sway,
No this is from life's burden cross, that I must bear and pray you not.
It's hard to understand my words, the nose it wrinkles, the face upturns.
"Will it come back to you someday?" oh these words do touch, dismay.
Yes in God's own dear loving time, He'll find my hair and I in rhyme
will answer with my gladness true and thank Him for this burden's due.
For in its way it's taught me true, to trust Him only, always, new.
For in His hand I place my faith, and live or die I've run this race
In such a way, I can not boast, but smile inside a take my post.
Her eyes quite wide, her mind so quick. She doesn't chance another nick
but runs away with giggles new, her answer had, she's won her due.
And back to book, but struggle now, have I, in some way made less new
this world an open book to her,  but now she knows sad chapters too.

- Trish 2013