Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Alone the night comes

Sounds dribble in from under door
first muffled low and closing grow
will this one passing be for me?
I turn but nothing knocks a rap
I crane my neck and arch my back
but no new bellows come my way
alone the lights close round in fray
the colors slowing blend to black.
The covers now I pull up tight
as if to ward off danger fright
the room grows large the closet door
was that a creak a moan for sure
the night leaks in to steal the day
the clock just hums the time away
my love is gone my heart is sore
my tears flow down as to the floor
where is my warm and caring hug
my love is gone and I alone
to watch the walls as time just drones
The air grows thick and dust doth hang
the sound was laughter or crying pang?
I want to be with someone now
My heart is empty I sit and sway.

- Trish 2011