Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Lil'Sis

I have a lil' sis you see,
Not one to bounce upon my knee,
But one that's old enough for me,
Wild and fun and living free.

I have a lil'sis that's fair,
Her beauty causes all to stare,
Those eyes, that smile, her radiant hair,
Conceals a worth all love to share.

I have a lil'sis quite fun,
When others frown she jumps to run,
She spreads the love to all around,
I am so lucky I must expound!

- Trish 2010


  1. :) I love you. I actually teared up a little.

  2. That's beautiful, Trish. I think I know who you're writing about -- and that makes it even more special.

  3. How cute! You are two lucky girls to have a friendship like that.