Thursday, November 10, 2011

The gift

Should I but waste my time away
this gift that bestows so much
to distain what's been given me
as worthless spot not infamy
I could but make the bold retort
and stand to shout with anger snort
Or speak of deeds long past made good
Can I the bearer of this gift
bestow like said to those to come
As past and near my fellows have fought
to give said gift to us in part
Upon the fields the blood was wrought
And spilled to make for others not
a gift so weak or worthless bought
or squander now squabbles galore
This thing that past to us is rare
throughout the history known or sworn
Its seldom known so clearly as
the gift we have and much we own
this gift I speak you ask of me?
So listen to know as I implore
It is our freedom so don’t ignore.

- Trish 2011

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