Friday, December 21, 2012

Not here

That spot no longer holds you there
I reach but fingers fall on bare
The empty fills my heart with dread
your image in my heart, my head
You lying there, your out cast hair
That time no longer holds for me
A wisp, a puff, no more but care
A sound, a smell, I gasp and stare
but nothing is but tears I share
The music fades and silent shed
my thoughts, my fears, my longings here
The dust that settles cares not where
I shall lie here forever torn
My mind, with solemn duty sworn
Or'come my heart! my memory's worn
You are not here, I know, but dare
To keep you in my thoughts and prayers
as if you laughed once more with me
as if we danced again on air.

- Trish 2012


  1. Moving, poignant--brought tears to my eyes. In light of recent events, this really touched me. Thank you Trish.

  2. I can only guess what has been happening in your life recently.