Saturday, May 11, 2013


She cried the day you left
She kissed the ouchie on your cleft
She held you close when life was rough
And worked so hard to keep you tough
She laughed at all your silly jokes 
She made you face that nasty bloke
She made that awfully crazy cake 
At your bodacious birthday eighth
And on her lap you felt secure
The day you pondered life's demure 
She held you up and watched you sing 
At your first great recital fling 
She taught you how to laugh at rain
Whether healthy or in pain
She gives and gives and seldom takes
To make your life reach higher gates
So on this time I'll stop and say
You are the best, take joy this day!

Happy Mothers day Mom. <3

- Trish 2013


  1. Wonderful, but what else would I expect :)

  2. I know you and you mom have a special bond. I think you captured that very nicely.