Thursday, August 15, 2013

Arleen @ 5Guys

It sat there on the table fine
My tummy rumbles and starts to whine
I have you now my 5Guys treat
Nice and hot, with twice stacked meat
I've paid my price, they served it hot
Can I have my cake but eat it not?
My night I'll spend with joyful thoughts
tomorrow? Heck! I care not
the cheese now oozes down the side
With each bite the grease does surely slide
Can I eat it all? Shall belly hide?
Meh probably, then  I'll chase with fries.

- Trish 2013


  1. That is an amazing spur of the moment work of art :-)

  2. YES. I love it. And I actually did chase it with fries.

  3. ...and now I am craving 5Guys.............