Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My love is gone

When my love is gone,
I frolic 'round the place.
Waiting for the moment,
when love abound can wake.
Her image is a memory,
she lingers in my thoughts,
her perfume fills my senses,
her name fills up my heart.
I lay upon her pillow,
and dream of loves content,
She simply is my heart, my soul, 
and all my loves extent.
When will she come to me,
with softness in her voice?
When will her arms surround me,
when will she be my choice?
I miss each waking moment,
spent in her luxury,
a heaven's gift upon me,
beyond my wildest dreams.
I want for nothing but her love,
her song within my heart.
When will my love return
and fill this empty spot?

- Trish 2012


  1. Quite simply, beautiful and moving.

  2. Such a beautiful poem, Trish. And you're so fortunate to have a love like that.