Sunday, May 18, 2014

At the bar

The place it's packed from chair to chair
My makeup check, all perfect there.
I sip and wait to see if then
I'll get a look but who, and when
the place, the men, my heart goes fast
Is that a look, a glance, a pass?
It is, he's cute, but will he ask?
Finger quick to hair pull back.
I chance a look, a smile comes by.
IT IS, he's looking this way that.
oh, cute, he has that wavy hair
Those hands,oh my, what a pair.
I look away lest too much chance
and sip again and calm my stance
Am I too forward looking there?
Will he ask; Oh I'd love this dance.
Was that a smile, I could not tell.
The look, I've seen it, know that glance
Oh please, must I just open fast?
I'll mess it up, I'll miss this chance.
To see if he will drop his mask
and open up to me no ask.
He's looking away, I'm not the one.
He doesn't think me good or fun.
I'll never get the question now.
A sip, a gulp, oh fun.

- Trish 2014

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