Monday, March 4, 2013

My dear

Sitting here with you quite near.
Our hearts in tune, our love endear
This moment's joy and happiness
can it forever be my bliss?
For mountains fall in time gone by
but true love stands the tests of time
It flows from heaven wrapped in care
With angels flight on wing beat air
For this I know if err you ask
True love is better as time goes passed
For one heart beating next to mine
it's worth more than the gold I'd pine
For here you sit close by my side
as body withers, and death walks by
I look back on years with you
Not one I'd trade, each one still new
This is the love that poets draft
that songs speak of and tales they task
True love is all that's good to have
It's birthed with us and with us pass.
Our thoughts in sync our minds in tune
together walk cross mountain dune
to valleys low and full of pain
to heights of joy and fevered rain.
I'd keep more than my own joy's sake
to see you happy beyond all pain
As I pass on and yet you stay
Know this my love will never wain.
Its precious this the gift I've had
It fills me with all hope not bad.
I go beyond but never fear.
For you my love, my all, my dear.

- Trish 2013

1 comment:

  1. As usual moving, heartfelt, emotional--I'm out of adjectives. Since I know this is your true heart speaking Trish, I envy the one that has captured your love, and hope they cherish it as much as you cherish them.
    Not to be presumptuous, but I'm sure anyone reading this hopes they find someone to love so deeply and fully--I know I do.
    Until that time-if that time comes-I can read this and know what true love is.