Saturday, December 7, 2013

The bird

On the meadow of the morrow
I met a bird of glassy hollow
It flew and dipped with classy tone
Then blew a kiss that landed home.

I watched as if transfixed somehow
The beauty flowed in unbounded hours
She praised creation as if to say
the one that made me didn't stray.

No bone nor sinew amiss or frayed
His love that made is not dismayed
Each hour and minute untold before
but come unbid in time and more.

With gentle love joyful spirit tune
though time is past and body strewn
Wracked with the passing damage new
But pain and effort passes too.

I looked the bird was looking too
but as I looked I realized, knew
I was the bird that flew and grew
beyond the clouds, beyond life too.

I soared and left this earthly muse
and danced on endless time for you
I lived forever, unchanged and new
For the love I left you unending too.

-  Trish 2013


  1. I can see where your mood is this morning, and it moves me

  2. Do you have a tissue, or two, handy?