Friday, February 1, 2013

My time

This early morning hour is mine
I stir alone no others pine
My heart is free to roam and dance
Whilst others sleep and dream at last

I roam my thoughts far and wide
I'm first a pirate then a bride
My pen it travels to and fro
To capture thoughts and silly rhymes

This time I take just for me
It sits and waits like cat in tree
For me to ponder happy thoughts
or silly wanderings of my heart

If you never have this time
My heart is sad for missed sublime
Come hither hearken to its call
Grab pen for note and have a ball

- Trish 2013


  1. Makes me want to get up early and embrace the day, to savor what is to come, rejoice what has been. Also reminds me of the gorgeous sunrise this morning, which for some reason reminded me of you. Thank you once again for putting words to feelings that dwell within us.

  2. beautiful and definitely speaks to me