Saturday, February 23, 2013

Joy renewed

Upon the tip of laughter brings
the time of hope and joy begins
My soul alive from death's cold touch
to hear the music, to feel so much

I harken to the joyful sounds
of children playing, no ills abound
The hallways filled with happy thoughts
is this heaven, I think but naught.

This is the place where hearts are true
the sounds of joy, great love renew
Rejoice my soul, take heart and sing
I am the blessed, my body new.

Can price be placed upon this thought
can love be bundled, packaged not
My smile is painted, but fake its not
It goes from ear to other side
and tells how much that I can't hide.

- Trish 2013

1 comment:

  1. Your joy shows through in your writing, Trish, and no one deserves happiness more :)