Friday, December 27, 2013


My friend hope sits upon the shelf
and glances down upon my bed
He's there and then he's gone again
Why tease me so, why this chagrin?
One day here to fill my heart,
the next day gone my dreams apart.
I wake each morn to wonder if
he'll be there twinkling full of myth
Those days with which I have the chance
to spend each moment like a dance
Where heart's alive and spirit chants
But next all dashed hope's gone at last
What news I beckon the happenstance
Do I but have a slight reprieve?
Or will like martyr dance then die?
What news, what news come speak appease.
But day leads on to night and then
He's gone, my heart all torn no mend.
Till the day I hear at last
He's here to stay, yes hope at last!
And warmth it flows, I have a chance.
Why dine with Hope, why give a care?
For this small glimmer, my heart holds dare.

-  Trish 2013

1 comment:

  1. Every morning brings that hope for another day, then another, then another, then he WILL decide to stay.