Sunday, December 1, 2013

Love to me

You ask of me what love is while sitting idly be?
It is the gentle smile of a baby on my knee.
The tender grasp of aged as they sit beneath a tree.
The subtle knowing truth that He is all for me.
It's the winged determination for honey of the bee.
A touch of fresh new blankets a soft as they can be.
Tears that flow on parting goodbyes to those not seen.
The inter peace that floweth as you hold me in my need.
It is the joy in surely knowing that I'm poured out for thee
and in the end love keeps growing as surely as can be.
through sickness, joy, and sorrow together stand and be
for each one together solemn will give with joyful glee
and one day look with gladness at all that love can be.
So you ask me what love is that I should want and heed?
It is my all I giveth and your all  I take indeed.

- Trish 2013

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