Sunday, December 29, 2013

For my sister

Her voice it rang like lightning
at last the hour was hers.
Her heart a flame not melting
was so full that it might burst.
He was the one that mattered
the one she so longed to have,
his boyish youth just fading
his manhood shinning past.
He was a perfect notion
his heart to her he'd shown
that though they be a parted
Each moment stole they'd own.
Fresh air was his beginning
clear fields is her domain
They'd love each other only
in grassy country main.
He was not easily faltered
his manhood all intact
Not even tear diminished
this gentle handsome man.
Her mind a race with wonder
their fears of what may be
The future plans ignited
with love beyond today.
With each passing moment
she tingled to her toes
Could this be the one
I've wanted all along?
I've searched for him forever
up mountain, past all foe
Her mind a pitter patter
Her life complete in tow
Now each passing moment
could be with him so near.
She wants to scream I LOVE HIM
and wants to hold him dear
Her dreams at last unfolded
with him it is so clear.
I can only say as I think of her today
I'm more happy than I realized
more thankful than can bare.

- Trish 2013

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